RIP City Slot

Welcome to the RIP City slot game at BigWins casino, where every spin is a vibrant jazz melody playing in the background, capturing the spirit of an age gone by. A cat-and-mouse game set in a cartoon world: imagine you've just stepped into a vibrant monochrome city that exists in the limbo between your favourite childhood cartoons and the modern charm of video games and street murals.


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Features and Mechanics of RIP City

The city's lively residents, RO$$ and MAXX, are two characters with all the charm of a classic American cartoon show. But don't let their nostalgia-inducing appearances fool you. They're as modern and dynamic as they come, reacting to the game's rhythm as wins and bonuses land, adding an extra layer of excitement. 

RO$$ will appear on the grid as the Wild Cat symbol. This feline is the wildcard of the game, agile and unpredictable. It jaw-droppingly expands only when it's certain to be part of a winning combo. The Wild Cat extends downwards, reaching for the bottom of the grid and claiming every position in its path. Each reel can host only one Wild Cat at a time. However, should you land 5 in one spin, you're in for a handsome 25x return on your wager. The neon-green Wild symbol works just like the Wild Cat but doesn’t expand. However, if the Wild Cat expands through a Wild symbol, it morphs into a multiplier, amplifying the entire Wild Cat symbol's value from a modest 2x all the way up to an eye-popping 200x

Card symbols, the most familiar ones, are commonly low-paying. However, 10s and Js could gift you with a neat little prize up to 5x your wager for a combination of 5. The Qs and Ks, as you'd anticipate, offer a higher reward, multiplying your bet up to 7.5x. The Ace bestows a return of up to 10x your stake for 5 of them on a payline.

A fresh pack of tokens are as lively and quirky as your favourite emojis. You've got a fun Banana and a Skull ready to reward you with up to 15x your bet. Roll 5 Pair of Dice or flash 5 Smiley Face symbols, and you're in for a return of 17.5x your bet. And let's not forget the star of the show, the 8-Ball, ready to multiply your stake by a whopping 20x for a combination of 5.

RIP City Betting Rules

You can adjust your wager anywhere from 0.10 to 100. It's important to bear in mind, though, that your stake also determines the price tag of the enticing Buy-a-bonus feature.

How to play RIP City Slot?

After setting the bet, to start playing, just push the Spin button or Space bar. If you want to pet your cat while playing, simply press AUTOPLAY, pick the number of rounds, and off you go. This cat-and-mouse game includes RО$$ Bonus round, Maxx Bonus round, and 5 Buy-a-bonus features!

Being an elusive cat, RO$$ doesn't just stroll into any old game. No, you′ve got to land 3 FS scatter symbols simultaneously in the base game to summon him. But once he′s on your side, he′s worth every bit of effort, gifting you with 10 Free Spins! The chances of encountering Wild Cat symbols and WILD symbols grow fatter in the RO$$ Bonus game mode than in the base play. But there's a twist in the tail! Land 3 FS symbols together during this bonus round, and an additional 4 spins are added to your count.

Now, here's the cream - if you manage to land 4 FS symbols all at once during the RO$$ Bonus, the Maxx Bonus springs to life at the end of your current spin. Should your Free Spins have reduced below 10, the game refills your glass, bumping you back up to 10. If you're already above that, your remaining Free Spins stay as they are, no strings attached.

Next up, the Maxx Bonus - the cat's pyjamas, if you will. Triggering this requires 4 FS scatter symbols landed simultaneously in the base game too, rewarding you with 10 Free Spins. In the Maxx Bonus mode, each reel is like a mouse, awaiting the touch of the Wild Cat symbol. Once a Wild cat appears on a reel, that reel instantly becomes a favourite playground for this feline, ensuring that it will appear there on all remaining Free Spins. And if you're lucky enough to land 3 FS symbols at the same time during this bonus round, you've got the game purring, doling out an additional 4 Free Spins.
The Feature Spins, with their smaller price tag, can be quite the captivating option. Each guarantees specific features with every whirl and twirl: 

  • Bonus Hunt Feature is like having a cat with a nose for bonuses, making each spin 5 times more likely to trigger a bonus game. Keep in mind, the play can be as unpredictable as a cat on a hot tin roof with high volatility. It comes with an RTP of 96.44%, costing 3x your wager.
  • Two Wild Cats Feature ensures each spin at least 2 Wild Cats land. Be prepared for a wild ride though, as the volatility is at the top of the scratching post. This thrill comes with an RTP of 96.34% at a cost of 20x your bet.
  • If you're truly a cat person, the Three Wild Cats Feature Spins are purr-fect for you, guaranteeing at least 3 Wild Cats to pounce with each spin! But remember, a cat's whims can change faster than you can say "meow", so this high volatility feature comes with an RTP of 96.31%, costing 50x your bet.

Bonus Buy Feature

In this game, you can choose your bonuses - for a price, of course. For example, RO$$ Bonus will cost you 110x your bet, and Maxx Bonus - 200x your bet.  Mind that RTP changes too: 96.2% for RO$$ Bonus, while the Maxx Bonus offers an RTP of 96.41%.


It's no more a chase but a well-crafted dance between potential and luck, marrying the age-old charm of classic slot games and good old cartoons with an invigorating breeze of innovation. Whether you're a seasoned voyager in this realm of slots or just setting sail, RIP City opens up its arms to embrace you, to offer you a nostalgic adventure at BigWins, mesmerizing you by the chase on the screen, eagerly waiting for those scatters, wilds, and other magical symbols to spring into action.

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RIP City Slot FAQ

How many variants of bonuses I can buy in the RIP City slot?

In the RIP City slot, you can buy any of 3 types of featured spins and 2 bonus rounds.

What is the max payout for RIP City?

The max payout for RIP City is 12.500x your bet.

Can I play RIP City with Crypto?

Yes, BigWins offers you to make secure deposits and withdrawals using over 10 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and USD Coin (USDC).




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